Immersing Art into the Landscape

Here at Green and Rock we truly care about the properties we build. We take pride in going the extra mile so that the homes we create are real homes with heart. We incorporate all those finishing touches to ensure that our properties are homes we would want to live in ourselves. We have recently commissioned one such finishing touch at the Cormorant development in Golant. We have commissioned world-renowned sculptor Ben Barrell to create a centrepiece for the development. The piece will echo the surrounding landscape and provide a beautiful showcase within the villagescape alongside the River Fowey.

Art Sculptor Ben Barrell

Ben Barrell is a Cornish sculptor who is heavily influenced by the extraordinary beauty of the place that has been his home since birth. Brought up a farmer’s son on a cliff top above St Gennys, Ben was fully immersed in an understanding of the ebbs and flows of nature from a young age. He has first-hand experience of the drama of the Atlantic Ocean and the waves that crash against the beach, the experience of sailing on it and surfing through it, the joy of encountering the species that call it home. His stunning sculptural forms are inspired by this and flow out of his approach to life and the experiences around him. Ben’s work can be found as close to home as The Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth and as far afield as Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong. He works mostly in concrete and bronze, he loves concrete and the juxtaposition between its utilitarian functionality and its ability to flow into a complex shape which gives it permanence.

The centrepiece we have commissioned him to create for us at The Cormorant will undoubtedly be influenced by the flow of the River Fowey, and the shapes of the rich flora and fauna that occupy this part of Cornwall. Ben says,

“After a very busy few months on International commissions, it is lovely to be starting something new, and something that will showcase my work in Cornwall. I visited the Cormorant project in Golant this month and the views are breathtaking. My challenge is to create something that captures the beauty of the place and sets off this lovely project”

Ben Barrell

Creative Director John Orriss says,

“We always wanted to enhance and complement the natural beauty of Golant and the River Fowey with this development. Because of this it felt right to choose a Cornish sculptor to create a standout piece of art for this special place. Working with local talent is part of our philosophy at Green and Rock and we can’t wait to see the finished result.”

John Orriss